Entrepreneurship Education For 21st Century Skills And Mindsets

Entrepreneurship is a dynamic process of vision, change, and creation towards the creation new ideas and creative solutions. It is crucial to support learners to develop an entrepreneurial mindset as well as leadership skills. Education plays a major role in this process. That explains the growing trend of teaching entrepreneurship, creative thinking and leadership at school. Entrepreneurial teachers have a passion for teaching. They are inspirational, open-minded, flexible and responsible – but also, from time to time, rule-breakers. They listen well, can harness and sell ideas and can work student- and action-oriented. They are team players and have a good network. With more than twelve years of experience in identifying and teaching the skills youth need to get jobs and create businesses, Futures’ is a champion of an emerging movement of Entrepreneurial Leadership Educators. We support the implementation of practical, skills-based experiential learning for scholars in schools, engage governments on curriculum reform, and help build the capacity of teachers to effectively implement curriculum reforms. We collaborate with schools, academies, teachers, students, volunteers, government, youth groups, the public and private sectors; to equip scholars with the skills, knowledge and exposure they need to successfully enter the real world.

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