Social Enterprise For Youth Employment

Futures Infinite entered into a partnership with the Youth Safety Awareness Initiative to implement the Social Enterprise for Youth Employment Project. The goal is to provide 7,500 youth with training and jobs between 2020-2022, by providing skills, mentoring, exposure and employment opportunities. The Youth Safety Awareness Initiative (YSAI) popularly known as Crime Si Poa® mobilizes communities to build ownership around impactful safety, justice and social enterprise issues facing them so as to enable the youth exercise their legal rights and obligations to reach their full potential. The 2017 Criminal Justice System Report shows that 75% of inmates in Kenya’s prison system are youth, of ages 18 to 35 years. Many of them are in custody simply for loitering, lacking a business license or being found drunk. The report showed that a vast majority of those in detention centers are from poor backgrounds. It also questioned why a majority of young people facing charges end up in prison when there are many other ways of helping them rebuild their lives. YSAI works with the youth and in close partnership with parents, government and civil society, media, corporates, reformed offenders and impactful leaders to promote the benefits of a crime-free country that addresses threats to peace, helps reduce crime and eliminate violent extremism through attitudinal change. YSAI uses social enterprise programs that positively engage and empower the youth and help in rehabilitation of at risk youth and ex-offenders. Through three social enterprises, primarily a Poultry Hatchery, a Green House Farm and Textiles Venture (t-shirts, face masks, bags and inner wear); the project is expected to achieve the following outcomes: Improved skills and mindsets in entrepreneurship in youth; Increased youth employment through youth-led social enterprises, and; More youth and communities engaged to reduce crime, anti-social behavior and fear of crime.

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