Our Approach

Recognizing the short comings of conventional schooling and the need for distinction and utility in education, Futures Infinite is different by design.  

Our curriculum is designed to reach beyond the classroom and into the future of work and entrepreneurship.

We are committed to developing relevant skills and providing opportunities for young people to apply their hard-earned education.

Young People as Changemakers

We involve young people as agents of change capable of transforming their own lives. Young people are involved youth in all stages of design and implementation to enable learner-driven results.

Project Based Learning

Our approach to learning is through relevant, thought-provoking knowledge, interaction, self-discovery and engaging experiences.

Information Technology

We draw on technology to engage, connect and educate youth; through social media, webinars, blogs, wikis, polls, interactive features, chat boards, among others.


We foster relationships and collaborate with like-minded organizations, communities, government, private sector, civil society, donors, networks and individuals to secure resources for programs and activities.

Global SDGs

We are aligned to Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) No. 4 – Quality Education: ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.


We strongly support the involvement by active citizens, from communities and the private sector, in empowering youth by volunteering their time as mentors, coaches, speakers and role models.