Our Programs

We work with schools to co-create and implement Entrepreneurial Leadership (E&L) Programs; an eco-system of tools, resources, curricula and activities that aim to equip teachers and students in leadership, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Student Ventures

We improve the entrepreneurial skills and mindsets for innovative students through a proven hands-on and practical curriculum.

Activities include the following:

  • Workshop sessions in Entrepreneurship for STEM (E-STEM).
  • Teacher Training to enhance their capacity as entrepreneurship  facilitators and coaches.
  • Experiential Student Enterprises (ExSE) improve the business and entrepreneurial skills of students.
  • E-STEM Mentorship days by entrepreneurs in the STEM industry.  
  • Student Ventures Showcase to parents, stakeholders and school community. 

Futures STEM

We provide students with project based experiences that equips them with critical skills and mindsets in STEM.

Activities include the following:

  • STEM Workshops in robotics, coding, engineering, health, climate change, Internet Safety, among others.
  • STEM Mentorship by engineers, scientists, researchers, and entrepreneurs to inspire students to pursue careers in STEM.
  • Teacher Training to enhance their capacity as STEM champions and  facilitators.
  • STEM Competitions such as Code Camps, science fairs, technology contests.
  •  STEM Innovation Spaces for students to create and showcase their STEM projects.

Teams & Leaders

We facilitate activities that promote excellent school leadership, which inspires confidence down its student leadership teams.

Activities include the following:

  • Teacher Training on effective school leadership.
  • Mentorship Days for student leaders.
  • Team Building Excursions: 1-3 day outdoor experiences in which teams of school leaders or student leaders participate in obstacle activities.
  • Community Leadership Projects by students to help solve problems in their communities.
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